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Part of your Austin, Texas community since 1996.

Oak Hill Toastmasters

We Meet Thursdays at 6:45PM

Welcome to Oak Hill Toastmasters!

We're a well-structured yet fun-loving Toastmasters group in southwest Austin.

Does the idea of speaking in public make you nervous? You've come to the right place! Although we have programs designed for new and experienced speakers alike most of us started with Toastmasters from a position of fear and anxiety.

We've seen this proven time and again: With practice and fellowship you too will be able to overcome such challenges.

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Much like Austin's population we're a diverse group of people from across the globe spanning all ages, interests, and backgrounds. We believe everyone has a voice and a story to tell and we're dedicated to helping members of our community grow and achieve as more confident speakers and leaders.

Visit Our Club

Guests are always welcome.

The best way to discover what Oak Hill Toastmasters has to offer is to sit in on one of our meetings.

The typical meeting is broken down into three sections: Prepared Speeches, Table Topics, and Evaluation.

Prepared Speeches: One or two featured members from the club will present a speech exercise. These are typically 5-7 minute speeches that follow an outline focusing on one element of speechcraft (e.g. vocal variety, gestures, organization). This is the heart of the Toastmasters experience.

Table Topics: These are fun and confidence-building impromptu exercises. Members will be asked to speak on a given topic for 1-2 minutes. If time permits guests can participate if they wish.

Evaluation: This is where we receive the much-needed feedback in order to improve our communication skills. Evaluations are always delivered in a friendly and constructive way. We strive for all our speakers to consider ways to grow but to also feel appreciated and accomplished.

We always have someone at our meeting space by 6:00PM to welcome guests. Come join us. We look forward to meeting you!

How to find us:

The Oak Hill Toastmasters club meets every Thursday evening, from 6:45pm to 8:00pm. The Western Hills Church of Christ has generously allowed us to use their meeting space:

Western Hills Church of Christ
6211 Parkwood Drive
Austin, TX 78735
(Our meetings space, in the Family Activity Center, is around the back.)


Membership is cheap and simple.

Well, maybe not that simple - but we'll gladly walk you through it. :)

We collect dues of $51 twice a year (in March and September). New members pay a prorated rate. New members also have one-time additional fees that covers program materials and other supplies. Even so, the maximum rate of $75 to get started on your Toastmasters journey is a good deal!

Month New Member Dues and Fees (total)
January $49.50
February $41.00
March $32.50
April $75.00
May $66.50
June $58.00
July $49.50
August $41.00
September $32.50
October $75.00
November $66.50
December $58.00

Your new member fee covers your dues through the start of the next six-month period. When the next dues collection comes around (the proceeding April or October) then you pay the same bi-annual rate as all other Oak Hill Toastmasters members: $51.00.

Month Membership Dues
March $51.00
September $51.00

Contact Us

You can reach us directly through email:

Note: Our website is awesome and doesn't use cookies or any other tracking that could violate your privacy.